Stop Streaming and Start Screaming

8 Things to Heat Up Your Quarantine (No Fever Included)

Whether you’re on Day 1 or Day 13 of a shelter-in-place order or self-isolation of your own making, you may feel like it’s Day 156. And maybe your partner is starting to drive you a little crazy.

Like, pick up your socks already, Kevin! But close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about tossing all of your clothes on top of Kevin’s socks because there is no better way to spend forced time indoors than getting closer to your partner!

And Adam & Eve Great Falls is here to help you make that happen!

Light A Candle And Loosen Up

If your nerves are stretched as thin as your bandwidth with every person in the house streaming something different, turn on some soothing sounds and light a candle. Better yet, make it one of our Massage oil candles You’ll set the mood with some sensual lighting, and after the candle has warmed up, you and your partner can warm each other up by using the heated massage oil to de-stress and get closer.

Say It with Lingerie

Any couple will tell you that lingerie is a foolproof way to show your intentions—no words needed. Whether you’ve been saving something for a special occasion, or you want to hit our online store for something new, slipping into something soft and sexy says you’re ready for some together time. Feel free to prime the pump by mentioning that morning that you have something special planned for later (anticipation makes a boring day inside feel like Christmas Eve), or slip on something sexy under your clothes with a strap or two (or maybe a bit of lace!) showing, and let your partner wonder what’s hiding under there. No one will complain about walking into a room and finding you stretched out in your lace skivvies. The options for fun are limitless with lingerie, so start shopping!

Games for Grown Ups

The kids may have you playing Chutes and Ladders and Trouble all day, but you can start your own trouble after dark with some fun adult games! There are board games, card games, or a simple game of roll the dice and follow the directions. Can't wait for a delivery? How about a classic round of "Would You Rather" where you act out your choice? Or maybe a sexy game of "Truth or Dare" (heavy on the dares!)? Adam & Eve Stores online have a multitude of options for game-time fun that will get you through any quarantine (and beyond), but until the delivery truck arrives, why not spice up some old favorites?

Open Your Toy Box (or Start One!)

You’ve got the time, so explore the world of adult toys! If you’re new to the grown-up toy box, maybe start with a classic—a vibrator. They’re a favorite for a reason, and you may be surprised at how many options there are out there! See what appeals to you, what sets your imagination running, and read some reviews. The great thing about toys is that they can be used with a partner or for solo play, so if you’re social distancing solo, feel free to scream your own name.

New Positions = New Fun

There are more sex positions out there than we can count, and you creative little bunnies are inventing more every day. Just ask Google! You’ve got the free time, so put it to good use experimenting with some new positions with your partner. You don’t have to give up your tried-and-true favorites, but maybe you’ll add something new to the menu. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this is your time to add some spice—the hotter, the better!

Booklovers are The Best Lovers

Maybe you and/or your partner are book lovers—ever tried erotica on for size? Reading out loud to each other can be more sensual than visual stimulation. The imagination is a powerful force, so put yours to work for you and your partner! Consider sending a snippet of something sexy to your partner periodically during the day to build the heat for an evening in or invite your partner to take a lunch break and read a chapter or two of your favorite erotica with you. Also—bedtime stories, anyone?

Let Your Taste Buds Lead the Way

Ever wondered about Flavored lubes, massage oil or sexual enhancers? Now is your time to discover the wonders of lubes and lotions! Have a tasting party with your partner, warm up some oils and get loose, or find out what sexual enhancers are all about! You may be missing out on something delicious!

Create Your Own Fantasy Island

Make this a time to remember, not because you thought you might lose your mind, but because you and your partner explored some hidden fantasies! Spend some evenings with the TV off, talk, build the intimacy, and explore those fantasies you’ve never shared before. What would happen if you and your partner finally brought those fantasies to life? If your fantasies involve a little BDSM start here, but feel free to open up and explore! Share, strengthen your bond, and enjoy this time together.
This is a stressful time for so many reasons but being quarantined with the one you love might be the best thing that happens this year. There is no gift like uninterrupted time together. So, have fun, explore each other, try new things, and if Kevin keeps throwing his socks on the floor, let him pay for it later (in bed). I mean, there’s a hamper, Kevin, and bad boys get punished.
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